О чем песня despina vandi come along now?

О чем песня despina vandi come along now?


  1. Tonight I feel high like never before
    I found the tune that I was searching for
    This tune can make my heart beat like a drum
    I can’t resist the flavor of this chewing gum

    I need this beat like the earth needs the rain
    This beating tune quenches
    my thirst before I go insane

    Ouh ouh ouh
    Ouh ouh ouh

    No way to get out of my mind this tune
    You’ll get the picture I’m telling you soon
    Shortly my love you’ll be moving
    to this groove all night long

    I need the beat..

    So good so good
    Tonight I feel so good
    Cause I have the coolest beat
    The coolest in the hood и т д

    она нашла что искала, свою любовь и теперь ей хорошо!!

  2. А где полный текст песни?..

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